Multi Dimensional

Let us create a 3D Model of your project and then link dynamic data like time, costs, activities and more...

Data Intensive

Create Multiple Interactive Views of your model


Easily and Instantly Deploy your presentation assets to Web, Desktop and Tablet

User Insightful

Protect who views your proprietary data and maintain closer relationships with customers through powerful tracking features.

Our Team

We are a global company with dedicated staff in four countries on three continents.

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we approach each new project.

Set Up

  • We quickly create a 3D model from your existing 3D content or 2D plans and elevations
  • Using advanced photgrammetry techniques, we create a lighweight but high detail 3D model of the site context.
  • We then import your schedule and logistical data and link it to our 3D model.


  • We meet with you to review the 3D model for accuracy
  • We make changes to the design and implementation of schedule on the fly
  • Different views are selected


  • The application is deployed on our server and mobile licenses are installed
  • User accounts are set up for your company
  • End user contact information is entered and tracked
  • Updates are continually made as the presentation evolves.

Our Work

These projects have directly benefited from our technology...


Contact Us

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